Introducing the robot that has revolutionized in-store promotions.

Tokinomo robot

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We collaborated to debut Tokinomo, an in-store robot that Oxford Blue believed will transform brick-and-mortar marketing in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are convinced that the Tokinomo robot is the ideal shopper interaction solution for today’s customers. It literally gives your product individuality and breathes life into it! The robot also provides shoppers with a multi-sensory experience through motion, music, and light, which boosts sales based on shopper interaction.

How it works

Tokinomo is an engaging robotic shelf display that blends aspects of light, motion, and sound technologies to bring items to life on the shelf and generate lasting memories and an interactive in-store experience for customers. It may be tailored to explain your brand’s benefits while raising product awareness and sales.

Motion detectors

Tokinomo robots are equipped with a motion detector that detects customers approaching your product on the shelf.

Moving products

Your products are brought to life by our robot as it monitors you through motion, music, and light.

You are Engaged!

You are thrilled and reeled in by the interactive display, as you comfortably interact with the items with the outmost feeling of security and convenience.


Brands that currently use Tokinomo​

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